Monday, March 22, 2010

Making Pizza

I have several new recipes that I want to try. I have found several new blogs that post recipes daily, I actually added a new blog list on the side just for recipes.

First I found these stuffed pizza bites. They looked really good and they tasted about as good as they look. They were not as easy to put together as I had hoped but still not too difficult.

Then I found a recipe for baked potato pizza which in my opinion is the whole reason to go to Stevie B's to eat. This is not as good as Stevie B's (of course) but it was still pretty good and fairly simple to make.

I also made a hot wing pizza and a pepperoni pizza last night at Luke's. On the baked potato pizza I used the roll of refrigerated Pilsbury pizza crust. On the other two I made last night I used a prepared pizza crust and it was not very good. Plus I think I added too much cheese (if there is such a thing). I might try the hot wing again with the Pilsbury dough instead.

Now I realize this totally contradicts my smoothie post and trying to eat more healthy (because clearly these pizzas are not "healthy") but I just said I was trying to add more healthy stuff. I didn't say I was only eating healthy stuff.

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