Saturday, April 18, 2009

Taylor Kate's down on the farm party

Today Kyle was invited to Taylor Kate's birthday party. She had her party at a little petting farm in Millington.

Kyle fed and pet the goats.

He rode a horse (really a pony) and they went on a hayride.

Then he chased a rooster. He almost caught it a couple of times and once it tried to peck at him. I thought he would leave it alone after that but he didn't. Wendy even got in on the action for a minute.

And here is Kyle and some other friends. Ashley was also there so of course there were a couple of pictures of her.

Sorry for the long post but I took 60 pictures (and it wasn't even my kids party!). It was hard picking the good ones to post. I have started uploading a lot more pictures to facebook just so I can upload them all. Guess I will have to do that later, plus I like to tag people in them.

One last one:

Thanks to Taylor for the invite, it was a great party Jenn.

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Jennifer Willoughby said...

SO glad y'all were there!! I had no idea Kyle chased that rooster, too funny!!