Saturday, April 11, 2009

L2L day 2

On Saturday for Lads to Leaders Kaitlyn and Kyle both had song leading. I went with Kyle and my mom went with Kaitlyn because they were both scheduled to go at the same time. Kyle did great and didn't seem scared at all. There were 28 boys just in the room where we were that led their song.

Then my mom called me right as we were coming out of the room with Kyle and said "you need to hurry and get up here, Kaitlyn made the finals and she is going to lead her song again". So Kyle and I rushed upstairs so we could see her. There were two rooms of 3rd grade girls with 10 girls in each room (so 20 total). They took the top 3 girls from each room and those girls were the finalist. Then they led their song again. All 6 get to go on stage tonight and they will announce who won. That last minute practice really paid off for Kaitlyn.

And here is the video I tried to make. First of all, I hit the wrong button so it doesn't start at the beginning. Then I had it set to display through the viewfinder and not the screen. Then my memory card got full right in the middle and so the video cut off. Plus I was filming portrait instead of landscape and didn't realize I don't know how to rotate the video. So this is my sad attempt to video Kaitlyn leading her song. She sang Trust and Obey.

Off to the awards ceremony for tonight. More updates tomorrow!

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