Sunday, April 19, 2009

Egg hunt

We went to our church egg hunt yesterday. We have the egg hunt a week late every year due to Lads to Leaders and a ton of the kids being in Nashville for that. That event is on Easter every year.

We thought it was going to rain us out but the rain held off. The people did not deliver the giant blow up slide that they had ordered but we still had the egg hunt, hot dogs and chips, and played some games.

Brother/Sister -- they have such a love/hate relationship!

Then they hunted eggs. Kaitlyn found an area in the flower beds where no one else was and Kyle ran fast and picked up a ton out in the field.

Kyle and Jackson (they are becoming the next Jen/Wendy and have to have their picture taken at every event!)

After eating, the kids (and some adults) played a couple of games. First we started with the egg toss. Dedra and I were partners and she threw it to me real high and I didn't catch it. Kyle and Jackson were partners and Jackson threw it to Kyle when he wasn't looking so that was the end for them. Kaitlyn and Chase were partners (against Chase's will, HA!) and they made it through a couple of rounds.

Then the kids played the egg relay. Kyle's team did really good. They actually listened to the instructions and walked real slow and were careful to not drop the egg. Between the 6 of them (all age 6 and under) they only dropped the egg 2-3 times and never dropped between exchanges.

But Kaitlyn's team won (I think, it is hard to watch all of the teams).


Kelley said...

I can just tell that there will be some bro/sis pics with one of them in a headlock soon. Ha! :)

Jennifer Willoughby said...

Hey, way to go Jackson and Kyle. Wendy and I will definitely let you be in our picture club, haha!