Sunday, April 12, 2009

Awards ceremony

Bartlett Woods racked up the awards last night. We pretty much swept the song leading and debate events. They call the kids in random order on the stage for each event, in each grade level (yes this takes forever) and then announce 3rd place, 2nd place and 1st place. Everyone is cheering and hollering for their group. It really is exciting!

The first event of the night was scrapbook and of course the first level was grade 3-4. He called Kaitlyn's name to come on the stage. She was so excited yet nervous about going on the stage. Then she won 3rd place for her scrapbook!!

Then we got 2nd place for the group scrapbook (which Kaitlyn helped with), so she got to go on stage again.

Next was the song of praise event. Kaitlyn got to go on stage again because she was a finalist. She didn't place but still got a finalist trophy (which she was super excited about)!

They also call for all the K-2 participants and they get to go on stage. Kyle cried and cried and did not want to go but I made him. Once he got in line he was fine and was upset that he didn't get a trophy too!

And here is another one for the church senior video. Jessica, Jackson and Kyle keeping themselves entertained at the awards.

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The Beatty's said...

I am sure you are SO PROUD of Kaitlyn's scrapping success! Congrats!