Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Look what we can do

Kaitlyn can whistle. She claims she has been doing this for a while but I just heard her last night. I said who taught you to do that. She says I just practiced and taught myself (now why can't she do that with math). Some of you may think big deal, everyone can whistle. Well I can't, never have been able to. She was trying to teach me last night and laughing hysterically at me. She thinks it is great that she can do something I can't.

Kyle is finally writing his own name. He actually writes KVle because he doesn't put the stick on the y. I am still struggling with the decision about whether or not to send him to Kindergarten in the fall. His birthday is Sept. 1. Everyone I have talked with thinks I should hold him out another year. Well everyone but John and my mother. John of course only sees the fact that sending him to Kindergarten will save us $180 a month. We will see.

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Leigh said...

Don't feel bad, Jen. I can't whistle either and don't think I will ever know how.