Monday, February 18, 2008

Knight Rider

So we watched the big premiere of the Knight Rider movie last night on NBC. I of course remember this show from 25 years ago. These are the kinds of things that make you feel old. Why do they insist on re-making stuff, I think it is just to make people feel old. Anyway Kyle was completely enthralled with this show. He did not move for 2 hours. He said "Look mommy that car can talk and drive itself!!". I am going to have to watch for the old Knight Rider episodes on DVD. He also loves to watch the old episodes of the Dukes of Hazard. They come on CMT from time to time. He is such a car loving boy.

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aytes5 said...

We watched it too. It was cool, brought back memories of the old ones. I have to say the guy this time is pretty hot! And I agree with the feeling old thing. Of course there isn't much these days that doesn't make me feel old :)