Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Master Bowler

We spent a lot of time at Luke's over the last couple of days. I got 8 cards made yesterday while there and on Saturday I spent all day at the church for craft day. I have lots of stuff to share over the next few days on my craft blog. But for today you need to know that I am a master virtual bowler. Thursday night I bowled a 177. Pretty impressive considering I have been averaging about 142. So last night we had another adult tournament. I made it to the final round by beating out Riley with a 143 and he had a 138 (had to make sure I pointed that one out). So it is John, Richard, Luke and me. I bowled a strike on the first round, woohoo me. Then another strike in the 2nd and 3rd rounds (I am on the phone with my mom and she says "well don't beat them too bad, you know what that does to men's egos). Okay no big deal I had bowled 3 strikes in a row before. Well I bowled 9 strikes in a row. On the tenth frame I knocked down 9, then had a spare, then knocked down 9 more. Final score 278!! Totally unheard of. By about the 5th or 6th frame we began to wonder (including myself) what was up. I mean really I wasn't doing anything differently than I normally do. Something must be rigged. But whether it was or not I had to take a picture of the final scoreboard. I hope you can see it. I smoked the boys!

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