Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Blowing away

Tonight it was so windy. We went to eat at Perkins (kids eat free Tuesdays). When we left it was 43, when we came back it was 33. The temperature had dropped 10 degrees in about an hour. Urr, Memphis weather. When we sat down at Perkins the lights across the street went out. I told our waitress we needed to order quick before the lights there went out. Kaitlyn says "they can just replace the light bulb when the lights go out". If only it were that easy. When we got home both of our neighbors had pieces of their fence down. There was a camero down the street with a trash can laying up against it. That guy is going to be so angry when he sees that.

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aytes5 said...

I know what you mean about temperatures dropping. It does that here all the time. I want to go to a warm beach and be served pretty little drinks with umbrellas in them by a cabana boy :) Actually I don't need the cabana boy, just the beach and drink!