Thursday, January 3, 2008

Incredible Pizza Company

We decided to try out a new fun pizza place that recently opened today as something fun to do with the kids before Christmas break is over. I have been looking forward to trying this place out since it opened. We went at about 2:15 thinking maybe we could beat the dinner crowd but be to late for the lunch crowd. Apparently there were other people who had the same idea. The buffet line was no that crowded but there were a ton of people there. It cost us a fortune to eat and play there, we spent about $60 total. The food was okay but I guess you don't really go to a place like this for the food. It was double your fun Thursdays so we bought a $25 card and they doubled it to $50. We have about $15 left on the card and we did not cash in our tickets so we will have to go back, even though John says he will not go back (but he is a sour apple about things like this).

The kids had a blast in the game area. They have a ton of arcade like games, mini-bowling, air hockey, go karts, glow in the dark putt-putt (which we did not play) and much more.

Kaitlyn really enjoyed driving the go-karts, she was barely tall enough to drive herself.

Kaitlyn and Kyle both played the bowling twice. Kyle was a lot better at it than I thought he would be.

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carrie ann said...

I never said it was cheap. It's a special treat at our house, that's for sure. The trick is actually to get 2 meals out of the deal. Convince the kids to play on the inflatable for as long as you can (bring a magazine, what the heck!) since it's free and then eat dinner before you leave. :)