Thursday, January 24, 2008

Little Vampires

We went to Stevie B's (stebie d's as Kyle calls it) tonight for dinner. It was Bartlett Elementary school night. Kaitlyn comes home with a sticker on (which gets you two free tokens) all excited about going to eat there. Those teachers must really talk it up during the day. John despises this place. I am not sure why, the pizza is so good. They have a little game room there so we usually will spend a dollar to get 4 tokens to let them each play 2 games. It is worth the dollar to get the to sit and be good so they can play games. And they love them, anytime I can make them happy for a buck it is a good thing. They won a few tickets and cash them in for those not even worth $.10 toys. This time they both got vampire teeth. Kaitlyn's are purple and Kyle's are bright green. They looked hilarious trying to talk with these teeth in their mouth.

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