Friday, October 29, 2010

Magic Kingdom (day 2)

Monday morning we got up pretty early so that we could be at Magic Kingdom when it opened.
We had a front seat on the bus so I was able to snap this picture:

We saw the opening ceremony (at about 8:50), it is really good. All the parks have some kind of opening thing but Magic Kingdoms is by far the best and a must see at least once.

We went straight to Tomorrowland to ride Space Mountain. I knew my kids would like this ride and it is one that the line gets pretty long as the day progresses.

Then we rode the Buzz Lightyear ride

And met space Chip and Dale (we saw these characters out and about more than any other characters while we were there)

Indy Speedway

inside Minnie's house

inside Mickey's house

Goofy's barnstormer (I made them sit behind me just so I could take this picture, HA!)

trying to pull out the sword in the stone (we were unsuccessful)

We were in line for Jessie and she had to leave for a minute to go check on Bullseye. When she returned (about 3-4 minutes later) she brought Woody with her. We were so excited!

Here is how our day went today:

watch opening ceremony
ride Space Mountain
ride Buzz Lightyear ride
meet Chip and Dale
ride Indy Speedway
go through Toontown
see Minnie's house, Mickey's house and Donald's boat
ride Goofy's Barnstormer
watch Philharmagic
get FP for Peter Pan's Flight (getting there early is key because we had all of this done by 11:30)
eat lunch at Harbour House
watch Move It, Shake It, Celebrate It (post coming)
watch Dream Along with Mickey show (post coming)
get FP for Splash Mountain
meet Woody and Jessie
watch Celebrate a Dream Come True parade (post coming)
ride Splash Mountain
ride Train
go to the Grand Floridian on a boat
eat at 1900 Park Fare (post coming)
ride the monorail back to Magic Kingdom
watch Main Street Electrical Parade (post coming)
watch fireworks (but we didn't have a good view so we were walking and trying to watch them)
ride the bus back to hotel

Picture total -- 460
Character total -- 9

Kyle's favorite thing -- Splash Mountain
Kaitlyn's favorite thing -- Space Mountain

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Holly Aytes said...

Wow...I thought I packed a lot into our days! You by far beat me! We meet the most characters at Magic Kingdom but we stood in a lot of lines. We only did FP for a few rides...since my dad had to ride a scooter we were sent to the front of almost ever line! I highly recommend traveling w/ someone who has to ride one :)