Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Garden Grill dinner

We had our first ADR (advance dining reservation) for a table meal at Garden Grill in Epcot. The food was good, the servers were good and the character interaction was the best of the whole trip. The restaurant rotated very slowly and I didn't think it would bother me but I already had a headache before going in and it just made it worse.

Chip was the first to come by

Then Mickey, Kyle had Mickey and Pluto on his shirt and Mickey was pointing that out and getting excited.

This is one of my favorite pictures from the whole trip

Mickey dancing with Kaitlyn

Pluto was waving his hands in the air when he saw Kyle's shirt and Kyle told him he was his favorite

Chip again, we saw all the characters except Dale 3 times.


And the Mickey mousse for dessert. Kaitlyn was considered an adult on this trip (kids at disney are apparently only age 3-9) but we asked the server if she could have a 'kid dessert' and they were happy to bring it to her. My mom and I had the apple crisp which was good but the menu I had said it was going to a strawberry rhubarb crisp and I was really looking forward to that. Of course I was so full anyway from the really good food we had here. Some prime rib over smashed potatoes, turkey with dressing and fish (I think it was mahi mahi, I didn't eat that though).

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Steve said...

Nice pictures! We ate there a few years ago. The food as pretty good, but the characters were better!