Friday, May 14, 2010


We went to the zoo tonight because it was Methodist family night. It poured down rain most of the time we were there. But my mom had already bought the tickets and that included Corky's bbq so we figured we would at least eat. We bought ponchos from the Zoo gift shop (so I paid $2 for garbage bags basically) went to eat then went to see the new Teton Trek exhibit then left.


Holly Aytes said...

LOL...when I saw that it was "Methodist" night my first thought was "why would that matter, y'all aren't methodist" and then it hit me you weren't talking about denominations :) Maybe I should catch up on blog reading when I am not tired :) I would love to take the kids to the Memphis Zoo...the one here sucks!

Kelley said...

But they're yellow logo garbage bags, wasn't it worth it? :)