Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ten for Tuesday

Okay with all the flooding happening and people having to be evacuated from their homes, John and I were talking the other day about what we would take with us. Or what things we would be upset we lost if a tornado hit (or a fire or earthquake) and destroyed our home. I think the only thing we are safe from is hurricanes here in Memphis. So here is my list today: Ten things (inanimate objects) I would be upset if I lost them in some kind of natural disaster.

1) my scrapbooks -- I have so many of them and really I could list ten of them for the whole list. There are so many there is no way I could grab them all in a fast hurry. Obviously they have pictures in them and those cannot easily be replaced (although with digital that is going to become easier and easier in the future) but also I have put a lot of time in these and made at least a few pages that I really like. I could probably print *most* of the kids pictures again but the thought of having to scrap them all again would probably send me over the edge and make me not want to do it anymore.

2) all the loose pictures that have not made it in the scrapbooks yet -- these would be difficult to replace because most of them are older (like from my childhood)

3) all the cd's I have saved my pictures and videos on

3) my computer -- this obviously relates to number one and three because if I lost those 2 things then I would need my computer to get the files again. I do have an external hard drive that I have backed up my computer on and I keep this at work but it would be a huge pain.

4) diamond necklace from my Dad -- this was for my 21st birthday and while yes I could buy another one it wouldn't be from my Dad because he passed away in 2003.

5) diamond necklace from my Mom -- this was a gift when I graduated from college, she took her engagement ring and had the diamond set in a necklace for me.

6) all of our important papers -- like birth certificates, marriage license, tax info, etc. I know that you can get all of these things replaced but it would again be another huge pain.

7) I have several books on my bookshelf that were given to me and have things written in the front of them. I could replace the books but it wouldn't be the same.

8) my Cherished Teddies -- I started collecting these in high school and I have several in a curio cabinet. Most of them came from my Mom, John and my friend Holly. I don't know if I could find them all to replace them or not.

9) my yearbooks -- I really only have my high school senior year book and my college books down on the bookshelf, the rest of them are in the attic.

10) my cross-stitch pictures I have made -- there are several of them, a couple that are framed throughout my house

So there you have it, there is probably more but these were the first things I thought of.

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Abbie Johnson said...

Um have you forgotten Hurricane Elvis? :)