Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cabin Fever

Our neighborhood streets were still pretty icy on Sunday. This is the view at about 12:30 p.m. They were slushy in places but still ice in some.

Well we did not leave the house from Thursday night until this afternoon, so about a total of 66 hours of just hanging out at home. I could stay at home a lot longer but John and the kids are going stir crazy so we ventured out to Luke's house today. John's cousins and their kids came over too so there were a total of 15 adults and 11 kids at one time in that house. CRAZINESS!!

We of course ate good. Luke grilled pork chops and steaks and we had corn, green beans and mashed potatoes, the usual. We had rotel to snack on and cake for dessert.

Then Kaitlyn and Kyle tried to build a snowman. Kyle gave up but Kaitlyn kept trying and got Aaliyah to help her when she got there. There efforts did not get them a snowman though. It just wasn't happening with all the ice.

Peyton was happy to stay in and eat a puzzle and Cohen was happy to stay in and read a book with his Daddy but he looked oh so cute in that hat!

School is already canceled for tomorrow so we can make 4 mornings with no alarm and sleeping past 9:00!

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