Saturday, January 30, 2010

Iced in at the house of Luttrell

Friday morning schools were called off due to the threat of icy weather moving in to the area. The school officials did right listening to the weather people because it starting sleeting early morning. About 9:30 it started snowing really pretty big flakes.

Those only lasted about 30 minutes and then it was back to more sleet and freezing rain.

The kids wanted to play outside but I told them not to worry the white stuff would still be there tomorrow. Plus we got a little bit more snow through the night Friday night.

So Saturday morning we woke up to this:

Looks are deceiving though because it was ice, then some snow on top, then more ice on top of that. So it crunched when you walked on it. The kids were sad that is was not good for building snowmen, making snow angels or even throwing snowballs really. But they still played out for a while anyway.

Kyle ice skating on the street

There was no school on Friday, no basketball this morning and church services have been canceled for in the morning. The streets are literally sheets of ice. We have not left the house since Thursday night. Here is what we have been doing to keep ourselves occupied.

We played Life (which Kyle won, interestingly enough he was the only one who chose to go to college at the beginning of the game), played Cranium (which was really too hard for the kids and ended up being me vs. John), made homemade hot chocolate and played the Wii. We also did lots of laundry and cooking. Being iced in is not so bad!


notesfortomorrow said...

Looks like you're playing "Strip Life," you know instead of Strip Poker. :0

Holly Aytes said...

Love the picture of Kyle sitting on the table in his underwear :) That is something that you would see at our house :) Being snowed or iced in isn't so bad when you have games, hot chocolate and a Wii!