Friday, January 8, 2010

Snow dusting

Yesterday we were out of school for a "snow day". I am not sure why because there was only about 1/8 of an inch of snow that fell. Not that I am complaining being out of school but I would have rather been out today. The wind chill this morning was -4. Now I realize that there are places in the country that have temperatures way lower than that but we are not used to this in the south. We are just not equipped to deal with temperatures that low.

Anyway, the kids were excited that they were out for a snow day but when we went outside were very disappointed. Kaitlyn asked when we were going to get some more snow? I said I think this is it for today. She says "well that is lame!".

But we played around in it for a few minutes anyway.

Trying to make snow angels:

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Holly Aytes said...

We got a little more than that but most of ours was ice b/c the temp was so low. We haven't even tried to get out of our neighborhood yet but I think Matt is going to try in a little while...the streets here got bad really quickly!