Saturday, October 20, 2007

Shaving Cream party

Kyle and I went to Noah's birthday party today. They started by painting pumpkins. Then Abbie got out some balloons she had filled with shaving cream and the kids threw them at each other and the ground. Then they figured out how to take the shaving cream cans and squirt them on each other, a natural progression of events if you have boys. This type of fun could have lasted them for hours. They played in the shaving cream for about 30 minutes. The parents had about as much fun laughing at them as they did playing in it and of course one of the dads got in on the fun also.

Kyle was the cleanest one as he did not get into the getting messy aspect as the other boys. He got mad when a couple of boys tried to squirt him.

We stuck around after the party for some chili. Noah, Lucas and Kyle played very well together, they usually do. Kyle was real good until the last about 15 minutes when it was time to clean up and leave. I guess that is somewhat expected though.

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