Sunday, October 28, 2007

Glorious Day

Today was our first worship service in our new auditorium. We had so many visitors. Kevin led the singing and the first song sung was "We have come into His House". All three of our ministers preached a little sermon. Stann Phipps (our youth minister) spoke first. He should really write a blog. He is the kind of preacher that tells you several funny things and is very animated. He really knows how to hold the audiences attention. Then at the end he ties it all together with something powerful. John Simpson was next. He is our traveling evangelist (or at least that is what he calls himself). He is one of those short, sweet and hard to beat preachers. I think he knows everything. I have never heard him debate but he would be very good at debating. He always leaves you with a provoking thought. His messages are always to the point. Last (but definitely not least) our main pulpit minister, Derek Williams, spoke. He is very knowledgeable. His thoughts are well organized and for those who take notes on the sermon, easy to take down notes and follow them. He does not sugar coat things but speaks the truth with great conviction. He wants all people to leave feeling spiritually filled.
We had several visitors today. We have anticipated this new building for quite some time. There is so much that we will be able to do know that we will not have to move chairs in the other building.
Here is a link to some photos of us in our new building (they are very posed as you can see)
Pictures in new building

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