Saturday, October 27, 2007

Fall Festival

My kids were so excited today to go to our fall festival at church. They wore their costumes all day. I even took a Power Ranger to Wal-Mart (as opposed to just taking Kyle). Of course everyone stared at him and he says "why does everyone keep looking at me?"

Kaitlyn wanted to be Hannah Montana (along with every other little girl in the universe) and Kyle was the blue power ranger.

We decided last minute to go to this place in Bartlett called Once Upon a Time. They were having a little carnival type thing and it was free. The kids got to play some games and jump in the moon bounce. The only thing you had to pay for was the moon bounce and of course my kids wanted to get in that, even though we were going to the church building after that and they would have two that would be free. Oh well it was just a dollar. They also had several characters out. They were really cute and Kaitlyn wanted her picture taken with all the princesses. The princesses were very happy to take a photo and I was grateful. After all, it will make a cute scrapbook page.

Then I took Hannah Montana and my Power Ranger to the church for the fall festival. They got to trunk or treat and play some games. We won a cake doing the cake walk. I picked out a Reese's dessert bar that I thought had some M&M's on it. Upon closer inspection I discovered those weren't M's on the candy but S's. Who puts skittles with Reese's?

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