Tuesday, January 10, 2012

favorite photopass

I realized I did not post any of my photopass photos from our November trip. I pre-order the photopass cd which cost me $99. To me it is SO worth it because it means I have pictures of all of us and character photos so I don't have to be so worried about taking pictures and can just enjoy the moment. This trip we had 182 photopass pics and 263 after I edited them (added borders, zoomed in, etc).

In 2010 I took almost 1700 pictures and this last trip I only took about 700. I was much better about watching the parade, watching my kids interact with the characters, etc. instead of being so concerned about getting enough photos of it all. Of course another reason why I didn't get as many pictures is John waits for no one. He and the kids would take off and leave me behind if I stopped to take pictures (which John thinks is stupid). This trip was also slightly shorter than the last.

Anyway back to some of favorite photopass photos:

more to come...


Steve Burns said...

As for getting left behind, don't worry about it. You get good at catching back up. Or just keep the car keys so they can't go home without you.

Holly Aytes said...

Last time we went Matt took most of the pictures and he takes almost as many as I do so that is good! I can't remember how many pictures we took but it was a ton! My theory is you can never have too many pictures :) We didn't do a photopass though may do it when we go next time.