Monday, January 23, 2012


Kyle is playing basketball at Singleton again this year. He is the oldest and biggest kid on the team this year. We like our team and the coaches much better than last year. So far their record is 3-2. Here are some pics from the last two games.

Kyle and Jackson before the game on Saturday, they played each other (we won bragging rights!)

And my pictures are real fuzzy, I hate trying to take pictures in the gym because I can never get my settings right. I can't remember what settings I used here but I know I have my ISO on 1600 (which is the highest it goes). I need a pretty quick shutter speed and no flash but then the photo is too noisy. Suggestions from my knowledgable photography friends? Steve, Amy, Kelley, Abbie...


Steve Burns said...

My suggestion would be to lower your ISO to 800, and try setting the aperture to the lowest setting it will go (open wide): f/3.2 or whatever. The other suggestion would be to set your shutter speed to 1/60 and have the camera force the aperture setting. Those are what I would try.

Holly Aytes said...

We haven't been able to find a sport that Caleb just loves and wants to stick with! He took tennis this last year but has decided to not continue them in the spring. We mentioned something about basketball but he wasn't interested! I think it drives Matt crazy that the kids aren't more into sports (except Taylor who is crazy good at tennis and I can't ever see her quitting).