Sunday, December 4, 2011


I made several shirts for us to wear this time. They turned out a lot better than I anticipated.
Here are a few of mine and one of Kaitlyn's. I will definitely make more shirts like this next time.I even made one for John but forgot to take a picture of it. His had Mater on it and said 'she just wants me for body'. Which I thought was hilarious until Kyle walked around Epcot all day saying that.

I got my friend Paula to make me these bags for them to get signatures on. We had just gotten signatures on paper last year (even though I have yet to make their autograph books with them) so I wanted something different for them since I knew we would see a lot of the same characters. We got so many signatures we had to use the back too.

We also like to collect the pressed pennies when we go. There are hundreds of them and it is a relatively cheap souvenir. We don't typically buy souvenirs when we go places so this is a good alternative. This year I bought us a book to put the pennies in.

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