Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas decor at Magic Kingdom

I really really enjoyed seeing all the Christmas decorations out everywhere in Disneyworld. The hotels, the parks, everywhere! When I originally planned this trip we were going during fall break (fall break is an excellent time to go as far as weather and crowds are concerned). Then John had to do some mandatory training that week so I had to switch it.

I got really excited thinking about going when all the Christmas decorations were out and thought maybe we would go Dec. 17-23. But John said he wasn't sure he could get off work those days since there was so many people above him that might want off. So I picked the week we went. They start having the Christmas party at Magic Kingdom around November 8 so the decorations go up in time for that. Here are some of the decorations we saw at Magic Kingdom.

Mickey shaped wreath 

the lights on the castle were spectacular!

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