Friday, December 2, 2011

Ride photos

There are several rides in Disney where they take your picture at a certain time then try to sell you the photo for an obscene amount of money, so I never buy them. Though I do wish I had gotten the one of me and Kaitlyn on Splash Mountain. The test track photo can be added to your photopass cd (without purchasing it separately) so I am appreciative of that, just wish they would do that with more of the rides. I just take a picture of the screen (usually with my cell phone)

This is on Dinosaur at Animal Kingdom

Buzz Lightyear, the first MK day

The Space Mountain people tried to get smart with people like who just take a picture of the screen and put this wording on the picture

This is the one I wish I had bought

more Buzz Lightyear

And I just liked this one, I took this right as we were getting on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Kyle is thrilled, John could not care less!

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