Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mud Island

We went to Mud Island today with our friends Kelley and Will and Carrie, Lucas and Evan. We try to go every summer even though last summer was the first time. It is free to do the river walk. This time we paid to ride the monorail over (since we didn't do that last time).

Kyle, Lucas and Evan used their shoes as boats to float them down the river. They were racing but then would pick up the shoes and move them to the front so they could be winning.

Then we got to the gulf and played for a while.

The weather was perfect and the kids acted really good. All in all a great outing!


Holly Aytes said...

That is something I would like to take the kids to do. Maybe we will make it to Memphis soon.

Kelley said...

Great pics! We had a blast. :)