Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The balloons

At the festival we went to this past weekend, the main attraction was the hot air balloons. On Saturday morning they were supposed to have some kind of race but with the thunderstorms in the area I don't think that happened. Saturday night a few of them blew up on the field and then lit up for the glow. They were supposed to do tethered rides but it was too windy.

This was the first balloon to blow up

Then on Sunday morning they were supposed to have the key grab race. Normally all the balloons inflate and they lift off from the field. Well with the way the wind was blowing they had to move the key pole to a field beside the home depot. So all the spectators (including us) left and went to home depot. So instead of seeing them all lift off, we saw them all try and get as close to the pole as possible.

Waiting for the balloons to come

The first one we saw

I think this one came in 3rd place

I think this one came in 1st place

The only shaped balloon we saw

Then on Sunday night we headed back to the park


Holly Aytes said...

How cool! Knoxville has a hot air balloon guys should come up here! Then we could see you guys too.

Hope said...

They do the balloons in October here and they always fly right over our house. I keep meaning to go take a ride, but I forget every year! :-(