Saturday, September 5, 2009

Delta Fair

We went to the Delta fair again this year today. I am so exhausted. We got there about 12:00 and did not leave until around 7:00. We ate before we went and then went to eat right after so we would not be tempted to purchase any of the over priced food there. We found a coke machine inside one of the building that had canned cokes and water bottles for 60 cents so I bought a few of those. We got the kids wristbands so they could ride as many rides as they wanted, so worth it.

First they rode some kiddie rides.

Then they rode some of the "big rides". I was surprised that Kyle wanted to ride these and figured after the first one that would be it for him. But he rode several with Kaitlyn.

We also rode in a helicopter but that deserves a post all to itself. Then we watched a roller derby, some motorcross guys, and a demolition derby.

Kaitlyn and Kyle also fed the goats.

Here is the midway, I didn't think it was too crowded but this makes it look like it was.

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