Saturday, September 12, 2009

1st soccer game of the season

Kyle had his first soccer game of the fall 09 season this morning. I am so excited that he has moved up to the next league and now we play at 10:15 as opposed to 8:30. We only had 4 of our 6 players and the other team only had 2 of their players show up. They play 3 on 3. So we sent one of our players to their team so we could still play. So all 6 kids had to play the entire game (they normally switch every other round). They were so tired and sweaty by the time it was over.

Kyle scored 4 goals and did not want to stop playing.

Playing goalie

He really needs a haircut if he is going to get all hot and sweaty


Holly Aytes said...

Something is going on with blogspot and I don't show your updates right away. Caleb talked about playing soccer this year but ended up doing Boy Scouts instead. Less hair is better if you are going to be hot and sweaty :)

Asiyah said...

I'm so glad I checked your blog. Elliot is playing soccer this year for the first time and I had no idea the socks are supposed to go OVER the shin guards. His first practice is today.

Good job Kyle!