Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bartlett Festival

Going to the Bartlett Festival each September has now become a tradition for us. This was our 3rd year to go. We love this fair. They usually have hot air balloons, which is the reason we started going in the first place, but this year it rained so much that I supposed the ground was too saturated for them to roll out the balloons and inflate them. The balloons are my favorite part so I was disappointed but there is still plenty to do and the kids always have fun.

Kaitlyn got her hair done at the Sweet and Sassy booth and climbed the rock wall.

Then we went to ride some rides. They love this.

There was a group raising money for Breast Cancer and you could beat on the pink car. Kyle of course wanted to do this.

And with all the rain we have had lately, there was actually a pretty sunset while we were there.

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Asiyah said...

Don't you love the fall? Those pictures are awesome.