Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Playing with my camera

So Amy, Susan and I took a class at University of Memphis called Understanding Digital Photography. It was 2 nights and we learned a lot, even though we felt a little jipped because she ended 15 minutes early the first week and 35 minutes early the second week. The instructor seemed very knowledgable but lacked in the presentation. Nonetheless, we still feel like we learned something and are going to be able to take better photos because of it. Last Tuesday we talked about shutter speed and aperture (amongst a few other topics). These were the two things I wanted to know about the most. So while the kids were bowling yesterday I played with the shutter speed. Kaitlyn was too far away from me and when I zoomed with the shutter speed I wanted it was too dark. I have decided that I need an external flash (added to the Christmas wish list) to solve that problem. Here are a couple of Kyle:

I was thrilled to be able to "freeze" the ball in mid air so to speak in the photo. I am now looking forward to taking pictures at t-ball and soccer in the spring.

I did have a major case of camera envy last night. I think I was the only one without an SLR camera. But hey if my point and shoot can do what I want then I am okay holding off for a while buying the really expensive camera. Plus as some of you know I am really hard on cameras (I have already broken 2 in 2 years)


Kelley said...

That last photo is awesome!!! Good job.

Holly Aytes said...

WE have an external flash and it is a must sometimes. You will really enjoy having one and will use it. We have been looking at new cameras since ours is broken. We already had a SLR but will get another one for certain. I have been having to use a point and shoot and I am not nearly as happy with it but I think it isn't the camera just that I am used to having 10 megapixles and all the "other" stuff with our "macdaddy" camera.