Saturday, October 25, 2008

fall festival

We had our fall festival tonight at church. I took my camera in hopes of getting some good pictures and of course the batteries died. I usually keep back up batteries in my purse but I recently switched purses and I guess I didn't put them in there. No big deal I thought, I always keep my small purple camera in my purse as my back up camera. Well the screen is cracked and you can't see anything on it. It will still take a picture but since there is no viewfinder I have no idea what picture I am taking. Well here are a few of us trunk or treating that I took blindly. Not so bad considering I just held the camera up and snapped.

And this one is pretty good and centered but a little dark. Kyle went through this blow up house and said "hey there are no treats in here".

This one is not half bad.

This one I was trying to get the Luau girls, I am not sure who that is to the right.

I was trying to get Mr. Incredible and Kyle, just needed to lower the camera bit.

Ben dressed up as the Joker. I took this picture from afar and zoomed in so he wouldn't know I taking his picture, he will love me for this. I think it should be his new profile pic. This was before my camera batteries died.

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