Sunday, October 5, 2008

confused baby shower

Kyle went with me to a baby shower today at church. He said "why are we taking a present to the shower?" I said well that is just what you do. He said "is the baby going to be there?" I said no. He asked when the baby was coming. I said in about a month. Then he wanted to know if Susan had to go the doctor. I said yea, he said and the doctor will take the baby out. I said yes. I was waiting for him to ask how the doctor was going to get the baby out but he didn't ask. He enjoyed the shower and looking at all the gifts. Then he really liked helping Luke load them all in the truck.


Kelley said...

He was probably thinking, "I can't wait for my future little brother/sister to have a baby shower one day." ;)

Abbie Johnson said...