Monday, September 1, 2008

My baby turns 5

Kyle turns 5 today. I was in labor on Labor day 5 years ago. I told him it was his birthday and he was 5 years old and he said "are my friends coming?". I had to explain (again) to him that his party wasn't today, it came later. After John got home last night we took him to best buy and he got a blue Nintendo DS. He has been wanting one since Kaitlyn got one for Christmas. He also thought he needed a new game but I told him he would have to play the games we already have for now. While we were in best buy he kept saying "I'm the birthday boy". Then he wanted Chic-fil-a for dinner even though he really didn't eat it. We then went to my mom's house so she could give him her gift, she got him some cars and a case.

We bought an ice cream cake and took it to Luke's while everyone was over there watching the Tennessee game. He was still too busy playing with his cars to even eat the cake, I barely got him over to the table so he could blow out the candles.

Then he discovered the racecar game on Luke's computer and played that the rest of the night.

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Kelley said...

Will says "Happy Birthday Kyle"! :)