Friday, September 26, 2008

Bartlett Festival

Tonight we went to the Bartlett Festival. They have some booths, lots of fair type food, some carnival rides and best of all hot air balloons.

We went to this last year but John had to work so my stepmom went with us. This year John was off so he got to go. Kaitlyn did the bungee jump thing again. She loves this!

We got there about 5:45 (it was supposed to start around 6:00). I wanted to be up in the balloon when it was light outside. Well the balloons didn't start inflating until it was almost dark so my pictures aren't great. We all 4 rode the balloon. Kyle was a little scared this year, even though he rode fine last year.

We saw friends Amy, Scott and Ryan as well as Raymond, Paula, Abby, and Allie there.

Then we went back and rode some more rides.

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