Thursday, September 25, 2008

down the hills

Tonight after Kyle's soccer game (which he scored 3 goals at) the parking lot got really congested. I despise that soccer field parking lot (the one on Bartlett Blvd.) anyway because it does get really congested as you are leaving. So we decided why bother to get in line and waste our $4 gallon gas and we just let the kids play for a minute while we waited. There is a huge hill (that one car just drove right up to avoid the traffic) and they would run to the top and the roll down. They thought it was hilarious, at least until we got home and they realized they were itching from rolling in the grass and probably getting bitten by chiggers.

Then while we waited I tried to play around with the settings on my camera. I am still not sure what to use when or what half of it means but I am planning to take a class n November (hopefully). Here are some of the different shots I got.

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