Thursday, July 5, 2012

July 4th

We went to my mom's again this year for the 4th. Justin has his age group from church over there and grills burgers and hot dogs then shoots some pretty impressive fireworks. I remembered my tripod this year so I could take some interesting sparkler pictures and I got a few of the fireworks.

These first three were taken with the fireworks setting on my camera

Then for these two I switched to Shutter Speed priority setting and set my shutter speed at 5" and 6" time to try and capture more than one of the fireworks they were shooting, it didn't really work though

Then the kids played with the sparklers. Again I used the shutter speed setting. I tried different speeds, 6", 3.2" and 2.5". Kaitlyn and Aaliyah tried to make hearts but we couldn't get it quite right. Oh well, they still look cool. 

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Steve Burns said...

Some of those look pretty neat! When you are going for long exposures, it is best to switch to manual mode so that you can set the shutter speed that you want, but also set the aperture to something like 22. That has worked pretty well for me.

Also a neutral density filter can help keep the brightness down on long exposures as well. I have one, but I haven't had the chance to use it on a fireworks shot yet.