Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mobile uploads (beach edition)

These are some random pics I took with my phone. I take some pictures with my phone because it is really easy to upload those to facebook. But then they usually get lost in other things (like my blog or when I back up my pictures to Shutterfly or a cd).

The first day we had really pretty water and bright blue skies.

8th floor balcony

Kyle was all Perry the Platypus, even his flip flops.

trying on hats with Kaitlyn in Alvin's Island

having a dance contest one day when it was raining

You should not call yourself a flip flop shop and then not carry yellowbox flip flops, so disappointing!

We had a girls night out and went to see Monte Carlo

waiting for our table at Pineapple Willy's

the only picture I have of the whole group and it is terrible (and this is minus Momma)

Back at Race City, you can't really tell in this picture but on this track several in our party rode side by side so no one else could pass them, you should have seen the kids face behind them, hilarious! Yes we are THAT family that everyone talks about on vacation!

Kaitlyn went in the haunted house but Kyle chickened out

We also saw Captain America one afternoon while it was raining

We ate at Tacky Jack's one night and the kids could swim while we ate.

on the pirate cruise

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