Saturday, October 31, 2009

Darth Vader and a witch go trick or treating

Kyle decided to dress as Darth Vader and Kaitlyn wanted to be a witch this year for Halloween. It took us forever to find a witch costume for Kaitlyn that was not slutty looking. Finally we found this one at Wal-mart and luckily it was only $14.

First we went to the Fall Festival at church, they played some games.


My brother and his girlfriend, Mandy

Kyle won this really cute cake in the cake walk.

Kyle and Andrew (dressed as a Jedi Knight) battling it out with their light sabers.

Trunk or Treating

Kaitlyn doing the cake walk, she won a pumpkin pie

Then we went trick or treating in my mom's neighborhood

I thought I would get a pretty good picture under this cute little arch so I told the kids to stand there and smile. Then right as I was snapping the picture that witch started to descend and make scary noises, freaked Kaitlyn out!


Holly Aytes said...

I can so relate to the "slutty" costumes. I dread next year...we may have to start making Taylor's costumes :) Mandy looks really different from the last time I saw her which was about 15 yrs ago! That is too funny that the witch dropped down...would have scared Taylor (and the other 2 also)!

Kelley said...

That last pic is hilarious! I'm still laughing!

Jennifer Willoughby said...

Love those pics!!