Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dancing in the rain

Yesterday at the Big Backyard they had a simulated rain thing. Every 30 minutes it thunders and starts to rain. The kids loved this, especially Will.

Kyle did not want to get wet at first, Kaitlyn tried to drag him in.

Kyle finally getting in on the action.

Will shivering.

Kelley decided she was going to run through it and said "okay I think I am going to run through". The second after she said that, the rain stopped. So funny!


Holly Aytes said...

That sounds like a really neat place! Glad y'all had fun. My kids would have loved it....they love playing in the rain :) Glad you are blogging again...have missed seeing what you guys are up too!

Jennifer Willoughby said...

We want to go with y'all next time!!