Saturday, September 3, 2011

Kyle's birthday

Kyle's birthday was Thursday. He wanted some friends to eat pizza and go see the Smurfs with him. So he really wasn't going to have a party but it kinda turned into that. He had 3 friends join us at Stevie B's for pizza. Then my mom of course wanted to come, then I invited my brother and his wife. Then Kyle said "I need you to invite Aaliyah so Kaitlyn will have a friend and won't bother us", smart kid. So I called Lora and invited them. The kids ate pizza then played for a while then we went to see the Smurfs (non-3d). The movie was not as cute as I wanted it to be but Kyle liked it. After the movie we went to TCBY for ice cream.

I only had the camera on my phone in the theater and every time I tried to take Kyle's picture he ended up looking like a zombie. The flash is pretty bright on that thing.

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