Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bowling party

Kaitlyn had her 10th birthday party today. Since she is so into bowling these days she wanted to have her party at the bowling lanes. I decided to make her cake though I was not real pleased with it.

They bowled for a while then we had pizza and cake.

Then she opened some presents.

She also got this bowling pin that all of her friends and family signed.


Paula Jennings said...

Good job on the cake!!

I like the bowling pin she got as well.

Holly Aytes said...

We love bowling parties! Both Taylor and Caleb had their parties at the bowling alley last year and everyone had a blast! The both wanted us to make their cakes just like you did Kaitlyn's but I wasn't brave enough to try it...yours turned out really cute! Hard to believe she is 10, that means Taylor will turn 10 before long!

Kelley said...

Looks like she had a great time. I like the cake! You did a great job on it. :)

The Beatty's said...

I think the cake turned out great!