Thursday, February 26, 2009

cookie dough for me

Kaitlyn is selling cookie dough and candles for her school fundraiser. We normally don't participate in these fundraisers for various reasons. It always makes Kaitlyn mad because she doesn't get to win any of the prizes, you know the cheaper than the dollar store prizes. Seriously kid, I will get you something from the dollar store if that is all you care about. Anyway, I told her this time she could ask my mom at church if she wanted to get any of the cookie dough. So last night she asked her and my mom says "Now Kaitlyn you know I can't have any cookies on my diet". Kaitlyn says "that's okay Gran, you can just make them for me!".


Holly Aytes said...

If we lived closer I would buy some cookie dough from Kaitlyn :)
We are always selling something it seems especially w/ Taylor and Caleb being in different schools and Taylor being a Girl Scout!

Anonymous said...

Smart salesperson she is